Running dictation

  • Put some information outside the class (or tacked to the board) and have one student going out to read and dictate to the student who stays in the class. Could swop half way through. Most accurate text wins. Could use to introduce target language.

Chinese Whispers

  • Class in two lines. Person in front comes to me for a sentence. They whisper on down the line to a writer. The person in the back comes to the front. It's a race between two teams. At the end, the team look together at what has been written and try to work it out. Then they compare it with the original. A fun way to introduce target language.

Race to re-order

  • Place the class into groups; nominate one person as the mover. The mover comes to the teacher and the teacher gives both groups the same 'jumbled' sentences. The mover goes back to the group and they try to reorder the sentence. When they think they have finished, they race to the front to show you the reordered sentences. If it's correct, you give them a new one, if not, they go back and try again.
  • For extra oomph, put jumbled words in blown up balloons. Students must burst balloons without using their hands or feet.

Team Pictionary

  • Put the students into two groups, then one person from each group is shown a word they have to draw. The student has to run back to their group and draw the word for them to guess. The first group to guess wins a point.

Explain the word

  • Word on card face down. One person in the group must explain the word to others without saying it. You could also give three words that they cannot use in the definition (e.g. snow: cold, white, winter) Others can guess but not ask questions.
  • Groups could compete against groups in a speed race.
  • Or the competition could be between students in the group. Each student in the group take turns explaining and the student to guess correctly gets to keep the card. The student in the group with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Spelling board race

  • Divide the class into 2 teams and give each team a board marker. Divide the whiteboard into 2. Choose around 10 -12 words and call out a word for the students to spell on the board.
  • Students should run back and pass the pen to the next member of the team until all the words are written. Then check with the class if the spellings are correct, give each team 1 point-for every correct word. Declare a winner.
  • Here are spelling words you can use with different levels.