Touch something that is…

  • Students walk around. Have to touch a white shoe. Something blue. Cold etc.

Label the classroom

  • Students race to label all the objects in the classroom by writing the names of the objects on post it notes and sticking them to them. This works best if in each team people are divided into those who write on the slips of paper and those who run over to the objects and stick them on.

Line up according to

  • Tell all the students to find a new seat in the room, ranging from highest to lowest around the tables, ideas could be: birthdays, time they got up, number of letters in their name, how much they use the computer etc. Once the students have taken a new seat, check the answers with all the students.

Simon says (Action verbs + Parts of the body)

  • Students should only obey the commands if you preface each one with "Simon says". If you omit the preface "Simon says" any student who obeys the command can no longer participate in the game. The last student to remain in the game is the winner. Or could give students 3 lives.
  • OR: Do as I say, don't do as I do.
  • Simon says: "hands up", "hands down", "thumbs up", "thumbs down", "fingers up", "fingers down".
  • Simon says: "touch your eyes / ears / nose / mouth with the forefinger / middle finger / ring finger / little finger / of your (right)(left) hand.
  • Simon says: "put your right hand / left hand / both hands on your right / left knee."
  • Simon says: "shut / open your eyes", "stand up / sit down", "stand on your right / left leg".
  • Simon says: "bend your knees / body", "straighten your knees / body".
  • Simon says: "fold your arms", "put your arms by your side".
  • Simon says: "wave your right hand", "STOP", "jump up and down", "STOP".
  • Simon says: "point at the ceiling / floor with the forefinger/ middle finger / ring finger / little finger / of your right / left hand.

Come up with questions

  • To practice questions you can write some possible answers (favourite color, your address, date of birth, number of brothers, etc) and ask them to make the correct question for each answer.
  • Then get students to do it in pairs.

Say things about a picture

  • Show a picture (from magazine, Internet, coursebook). Class or groups must think of as many grammatically true sentences about the picture as can in 10 minutes. Or must come up with 20 correct sentences.