How to use the speaking topics

Small Groups

Print out topics onto an A4. Cut up A4 so there is one topic per piece of paper. Divide class into small groups. Put pile of topics face down in middle of group. Students take it in turns to pick up topics and read to rest of group. Group discusses topic for a few minutes. Then pick up another topic. You monitor for errors and good use of language. Do error correction at end.

Class Mill

Give each student a card with a different topic on it. Students stand up and mill around. Each student pairs up with another student and they discuss their topics. Then, they exchange cards and find another partner and the process repeats.

Class Surveys

Distribute one card per student. Students walk around the room and survey their classmates on their question. Encourage them to develop their own follow-up questions. They may take notes as they listen to their classmates' responses. Then, bring the class back together and have individual students report back on their results. Encourage group discussion.

Class "Shift Up"

Two lines of chairs facing each other. Each pair gets a piece of paper with 20 topics, numbered 1 - 20. Pairs given 5 minutes to discuss topics 1 - 3. Then move along one to get new partner. New pairs discuss topics 4 - 6. And so on.