Examples of introducing target language through personal anecdotes

Used To

I used to go to a small school in South Africa for boys only. I went to the same school for twelve years. I used to love Biology but I didn't use to like Latin.

At first, my favourite teacher was Mr Smith, my Biology teacher. During the school holidays, he used to travel a lot . When he returned, he would show us amazing photos of animals and plants from his trips. My love for nature, travel and photography is thanks to him.

When I was older, my favourite teacher was Miss Jones, my Maths Teacher. She was young and pretty and she used to wear a different coloured ribbon in her hair every day. Each day before she came into class, we would try to guess the colour of her ribbon. The whole class had a crush on her. We’d usually behave badly in class but we were like meek puppies when she was around.

My worst teacher was Mrs Basson. She was always bad tempered and she would scream at us till our ears hurt. If you did something wrong, she used to stand behind you and pinch your ear lobe till you begged for mercy. I remember her well. I still sometimes see her in my nightmares.

I wish...

I don't really believe in regrets. I think everything happens for a reason. But I suppose sometimes I wish I'd studied photography instead of business. Then I could be a famous photographer. And sometimes I wish I'd started travelling when I was younger. Then I could have visited 100 countries, not just 50.

I also don't believe in wishing life were different. You should be happy with what you've got. But sometimes I wish I could become a travel writer. I wish I could travel the world all the time. And sometimes I wish I had lots of hair and bigger biceps. And I wish I could wink and whistle. Then I could have lots of pretty girlfriends.

Sometimes I wish I was really rich. I wish money would grow on trees. Then it wouldn't matter if I had big biceps or not

Oh if only I could make my wishes come true!

Past Perfect

When I was 26, I went travelling through Europe and Asia. It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. I had never travelled abroad before. I had travelled in South Africa and had seen most of my own country but I had not been to any other countries. I had not realized how much there was to see in the world. I spent a whole year travelling and soon travelling became an addiction. Suddenly I wanted to see every country in the world. Since then, I have travelled to over 40 countries and I hope to see many more countries before I die. I would also like to go and live in different countries and teach English.